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5 Automated Tools For Business Growth!

5 Automated Tools For Business Growth!

Best Automated Business Tools

These (5) automated tools for business growth may be the single best investment of your time and prevent you, the business owner, from having to wear multiple hats just to keep your business solvent.

As you know, there are only 24 hours in a workday and the intelligent entrepreneur must divide their talents and time among different types of functions. This typically includes marketing, dealing with customers, keeping financial records square, and everything else in between.

Not only is this style of crisis management time-consuming but no one is an expert in all areas. The entrepreneur who attempts to live his or her life wearing a variety of hats will often underperform in almost all of these tasks.

One of the best ways to overcome any limitation on your time and energy is to find the best sources of automation possible and focus these into your business.

The reasoning behind this particular post is to explore with you five (5) of these types of automation tools. I have had interaction with each of these platforms and they all have considerable benefits that could literally rewrite the way you do business.

Here is my list of five and why I think these are excellent choices for any entrepreneur who is attempting to save time and money while still performing critical functions:


this may be one of the more obvious choices when it comes to inbound marketing but the platform also offers a powerful CRM (free) that you can utilize from day one and you will never be charged for it.

HubSpot offers extremely reasonable pricing for both its inbound marketing hub and sales hub which integrates perfectly with all the other functions. It’s like having a complete marketing team and customer service platform all rolled into one.

In fact, HubSpot says it’s free CRM “automates the tasks salespeople hate.” This is not only true but you will come to love it.

The platform will continuously track all interactions automatically and compiles all this information into data you can see on a single dashboard so that you can target customers and clients exactly when they are ready to commit to your business.

HubSpot’s CRM also tracks and focuses on customer hot points across a variety of different channels and keeps an exact timeline of all calls, e-mails, and of course meetings involving any specific customers as well as an important input.

It is like having a top virtual assistant organizing your day in a powerful singular productivity dashboard, and you will never try to struggle and juggle multiple clients ever again.

Needless to say, any type of business that is focused on direct sales or conversions such as high-paying clients will greatly benefit from this powerful tool. You can find it here


-ONTRAPORT’s main function or mission is to support entrepreneurs by removing burdensome technology, and with ONTRAPORT you get to see any and all of your business ideas by using a powerful visualization tool that builds marketing campaigns.

The tools are very powerful and allow you to see from a customer’s point of view, exactly what is going on as they journey through your marketing campaigns.

The system also has a variety of pre-generated Marketing Funnels (campaigns) that are suitable for almost every type of business structure. These pre-generated campaigns can be used to do all of your marketing and to see exactly how your customers respond to a variety of different messages, how they respond to them, and how to best capitalize on this data. The very best possible touchpoints for reaching out and supporting your customers can then be integrated seamlessly with almost no heavy lifting from your marketing team (or you).

This information allows you to build compelling and powerful campaigns because every aspect of customer contact is integrated and upgraded into your potential campaigns.

The campaigns can all be built within the platform and you are able to monitor each and every critical point while also building customer relations and increasing conversions at every important identified as a touch point.

All of these insights work synergistically with the campaign builder which will allow marketers to set goals and of course figure out the best places for automation and more profitability.

Even though a variety of Fortune 500 companies utilize the platform is extremely affordable and for under $100 you can experience the power and increased marketability of your products and services.

It’s like having an entire marketing team and professional consultants there to restructure all of your marketing and certainly can help you reach the next level and your business.

You can experience this powerful platform here:


– this product is a marketing automation platform that really takes the guesswork out of account-based marketing, e-mail marketing, social media, digital ads and ad placement, customer marketing, consumer-based marketing, and mobile marketing.

An entrepreneur is now capable of driving top engagement through a variety of different marketing channels and all from one platform.

The most tedious part of marketing can be jumping from platform to platform when attempting to utilize different marketing channels. Marketo allows you to conduct all of your marketing from a single platform and even gather critical information from its data, allowing you to personalize all of your interactions too.

There are a number of customized solutions for a variety of different businesses and it is quite possible to automate almost all of your lead generation and other types of marketing that often demand most of your time.

Automation can occur in real time as customers respond to different marketing campaigns and eventually the whole system runs seamlessly with little or no interaction.

Your job then is to simply respond to customers, leads and/or conversions. Essentially this tool brings reality to a one-stop marketing solution.

You can even create customer profiles and have the automation sequences to respond based on each set of customer profiles, one of the more amazing tools of the system. Entrepreneurs should seriously consider utilizing this amazing platform and you can learn more here:


– ask any long-time marketer and they will tell you that e-mail and e-mail marketing is the number one tool that they utilize to grow their business.

Unfortunately, a variety of e-mail service providers, (i.e. Aweber, MailChimp, etc) are having increasing deliverability issues which will reduce overall conversions for marketers.

Delivra has built an amazing platform on the premise that supports automated e-mail open rates are as much as 95% higher than the typical e-mail open rates from small businesses associated with other email platforms.

Delivra is much more than just another e-mail marketing service provider. They actually study the best-automated tools that should be used to increase open rates and each and every quarter, set you up with new and exciting tools to help small businesses get their e-mail messages opened.

The team then automates this process so that you can utilize their tools and a simple drag-and-drop and organizational methodology for targeting people on your marketing lists.

The company uses this premise to maximize engagement with both SMS and autoresponder drips, which can maximize both direct mail and customer based e-mail with a/B testing integrated into the system.

You will receive weekly reports explaining how ongoing and ever-increasing customized engagement is scoring for you and how to integrate this into an ever-increasing automated series of steps.

This information is not only a viable but supercharges e-mail responses and allows for quick optimization and partial automatization of e-mail marketing campaigns.

Delivra boasts a powerful drag-and-drop editor and image editing that makes building top e-mail campaigns a breeze. This tool is particularly useful for e-commerce stores and the tool integrates with a variety of systems to help small businesses and to boost and even segment shoppers and to engage and re-engage every potential customer automatically.

Pricing is based on the number of contacts that you will be utilizing with a standard package at $75 and a professional package starting at $100.

The online software for e-mail marketing is the highest rated among its users in comparison to all other e-mail services and you can learn more here:


 The concept was to create marketing automation that is simple and understandable. Many marketers are familiar with and use whiteboards to create ideas and concepts.

Autopilot builds on this concept by creating a straightforward online whiteboard that allows the creation of a platform that offers a completely self-service based e-mail, postcards, and an in-app message system.

The platform is designed to create new relationships and even rekindle old or existing ones by allowing a form of constant and/or ongoing contact.

The system allows you to ‘win’ both customers and revenue automatically while continuing to explore and grow new dimensions with new and evolving customer channels.

It is a new and innovative system that focuses on simplistically by creating a customer journey which can acquire, nurture and grow customers.

The platform also allows you to engage clients and customers on the correct channel without being confused or sending and/or receiving the wrong content.

You also have the ability to capture leads and grow them automatically and to respond where ever your customer desires, wants and needs more input. Contacting your customers then becomes more of a response to their needs as opposed to having to do heavy-handed outbound cold calling tactics.

In addition, lead capture becomes automatic and an expression of the customers wants and needs which allows you to respond in kind.

By capturing a variety of different types of data streams either from your website or an app, the autopilot will also integrate with other systems which will allow you to fuel personalization and segmentation of customers.

The platform will then monitor the exact performance of each different type of customer journey and will deliver insights on how your messaging system is converting so that you can adjust and/or modify all of your marketing messages almost automatically.

This kind of automation and responsiveness could take years to fully understand and comprehend if done by the entrepreneur on their own.

The theme automate, nurture and grow best describes this powerful platform and every marketer should be interested in all three of these operational details when they create their own marketing channels. Have a look here.

As you can see, the five suggested tools and/or platforms all have their benefits and each can be utilized by a marketer to not only gain insights to their marketing channels but also allow corrective action with existing campaigns.

In order to get this type of responsiveness and assistance, you would often need to hire a professional marketing team and have them redesign or retrofit any existing marketing in order for you to see improvements in conversions.

All of these tools were chosen with you in mind and also to give you the ability to improve existing marketing campaigns and affordability was also important.

Each tool has its own unique benefits and I highly recommend that you check out these tools and even give one or several of them a try.

The real beauty of CRM’s, e-mail marketing tools and/or drag-and-drop marketing channel creators are that each can teach you something truly important about your business and keep you apprised as to the changing concepts that ongoing clients consider important.

Having the ability to react to changing times and new and upcoming trends in the market can keep you earning huge amounts of income while other marketers are struggling.

You should never try to go it alone but rather take the opportunity to learn from these powerful concepts and marketing tools. Each is based on solid marketing and a variety of innovative tools and concepts that can allow any small business to go from failure to success.

The next time that you want to see your business continue to expand, explore these five automated tools for business growth, and implement some truly powerful insights and ever-increasing conversions.

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5 Automated Tools For Business Growth!


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