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3 Reasons Why Consumers Buy Pet Products!

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According to the market research website Statista, the number of households that have pets in the United States now outnumbers the number of US households with children. The numbers are staggering:

  1. US households with pets more than 84 million
  2. US households with children more than 52 million

People really love their pets and treat them as a member of their family. Baby Boomers used to be the biggest pet owners but now Millennials have overtaken them. Right now, almost 70% of the households in the United States own a pet.

Pets are adorable. It is understandable why so many people want to own or adopt them. They fall in love with their pets and they want them to have the best life possible. Therefore, they will buy anything and everything for them to make them happy.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) conducted a survey of pet owners recently. There were 1,200 participants and when they were asked the question “are pets family?” 90% of them answered “yes”.

People are more responsible “pet parents” than ever before now. Statista predict that spending in the United States for the pet industry will hit around $99 million by the end of 2020. Every year the number gets larger.

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1. Different Types of Pets

People buy pet products for different types of pets. Can you guess what the most popular pet is? It will probably not surprise you to know that a dog is the most popular pet in the United States according to the APPA. Let’s take a look at the top five pets in the US and why they are so popular:

1. Dogs – The dog is not only the most popular pet in the United States; it is the most popular pet in the world. People are just as crazy about dogs in Europe as they are in the US. And there is a growing trend of dog ownership across the globe.

People like dogs because they can provide protection and they are very loyal to their owners. There is a great deal of research to support this. Most dogs are very affectionate and are very good with children.

When you are a dog owner, you will need to take care of them, which means good food and regular exercise. The price of good dog food is pretty inexpensive, which means that it is possible for many people to adopt a dog and take good care of it.

In the 2019-2020 survey by the APPA, they concluded there were over 63 million households in the United States that owned a dog.

2. Cats – Is there anything more adorable than a cute kitten? Domestic cats are just the loveliest pets to own. All they want to do is play, eat and sleep. They are very loyal pets and will usually want to be as close to their families as possible.

One of the reasons that cats are so popular is that they are usually very good with children. Cats like to do crazy things as well which keeps people of all ages entertained. They are a lot lower maintenance than dogs as they will take care of themselves when it comes to exercise. In addition, they will use a litter box when it comes to taking care of their business!

In families where the parents have to both go out to work each day and the kids are at school, a cat makes an ideal pet. You can leave them alone with a few toys and some food and water and they will not complain. They will be happy to see the family when they return even if they don’t show it like a dog does.

In the 2019-2020 survey by the APPA, they concluded there were over 42 million households in the United States that owned a cat. An important note here is that many households in the US own a dog and a cat and these appear in the respective group numbers.

3. Freshwater Fish – Many people in the United States like to keep freshwater fish. They either have a pond in their backyard that includes fish or a home aquarium. There are thousands of freshwater fish species available and people like them because they have a relaxing effect.

While it is true that freshwater fish are not cuddly and playful like dogs and cats, they can provide a therapeutic effect. Have you ever sat waiting in a doctor’s office that has an aquarium, and watched the fish swim around?

There is some work when you own an aquarium. You need to oxygenate the water and make sure that the tank is clean. Of course, you need to feed any fish that you own, but in general, they are low maintenance. Children tend to like fish and they can have a calming effect on hyperactive kids.

In the 2019-2020 survey by the APPA, they concluded there were over 11 million households in the United States that owned freshwater fish.

4. Birds – Do you know someone that owns a caged bird such as a budgerigar or a canary? What about a parrot or a cockatiel? People have kept birds as pets for many years. They like the sounds that the birds make and the way that they behave.

Taking care of a pet bird is usually easy but it does get more complicated with parrots for example. Usually all you need is a cage, some toys for the bird to play with and food and water. You will need to clean out the birdcage regularly to ensure your pet bird remains healthy.

Birds are popular with children. Some people try to teach their pet birds how to speak where this is possible (e.g. parrots). Most pet birds are beautiful to look at and people are proud to own them.

In the 2019-2020 survey by the APPA, they concluded there were nearly 6 million households in the United States that owned a bird.

5. Small Animals – Here we are talking about pets such as hamsters and guinea pics. Little furry creatures that can live in an enclosure happily at home. Children have long loved hamsters and guinea pigs are probably just as popular now.

These small animals are cute and have a friendly and docile nature. Many people will handle their small animal pets and this is fine as long as the animal is not scared. You will not pay a lot to feed these small animals, so ownership of these pets is within the reach of most households.

It is very important that you clean cages and other enclosures for these small animals regularly. Small animals can quickly experience health problems if they have to live in a dirty environment.

In the 2019-2020 survey by the APPA, they concluded there were over 5 million households in the United States that owned a small animal.

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2. People love their Pets

Another reason that consumers buy pet products is because they love their pets. There have been a number of studies looking at why people love their pets so much. Some of these revealed that owning and interacting with pets helps to reduce stress in human beings. A good interaction with a pet can change beta-endorphins and oxytocin levels in our bodies.

When a person strokes a friendly dog or cat it can create profound changes in their mood. Do you know someone that seems to care more about their pet than they do about other people? This is quite common according to a study that the Society and Animals Journal published.

One of the most interesting things from this study is that most of the participants stated that they were more concerned about the pain and suffering of animals than they were humans. This could be because there is a belief that humans have a greater capacity to look after themselves than pets do.

People have enjoyed the company of animals for thousands of years. The scientific world cannot make up its mind on whether owning a pet is better for your health or not. Some people love pets much more than others. If you are predisposed to feel good around pets then it is much more likely that you will be in a better mood around them for example.

Pet owners have different rules for their precious animals. In a recent US survey from SurveyMonkey.com participants shared their pet rules:

  • Pets allowed on the couch – 73%
  • Pets allowed sleeping in a bed – 64%
  • Pets allowed on family vacations – 59%
  • Pets allowed play dates – 47%
  • Pets allowed table scraps – 37%
  • Pets allowed eating the same food as their owners – 35%

Some of these numbers may surprise you. Many pet owners encourage their dogs or cats to sleep on the same bed that they do (sometimes in it!), and sitting next to the family on the couch seems to be a very acceptable practice.

The survey also asked participants how they felt about their pets. Here are some of the top answers:

  • Best friend
  • Adorable
  • Lovable
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Happy
  • Smart

All of these comments add weight to the suggestion that pet ownership provides mental health benefits and can even lead to a longer life for humans. Many participants stated that they felt loved by their pets and that they had a very calming effect.

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3. Personalized Pet Products and Gifts

With all this love going on for pets, it should not surprise you that many people now buy personalized gifts for their pets. It doesn’t matter if people own a big slobbery dog, a playful fluffy kitten, or even a fuzzy guinea pig every one of these pets means a lot to the owners. Therefore, they will hunt high and low for personalized pet products.

People that love their pets want to spoil them as much as possible. If you know someone that totally adores their pet then there is a wide range of personalized pet gifts that you can get them to make them happy.

You need to bear in mind that when you give a personalized gift for a pet you are also giving this to the owner. Nothing quite let’s your friends and family know that you are aware how much they love their pets than a personalized gift.

Imagine the look on the face of a friend who receives a pillow from you that has an image of the cat that they adore on it for example. They will appreciate that you understand the love and devotion that they have for their kitty.

If you are looking for personalized pet gifts for yourself or a friend or family member there are many great ideas around. Here are some classic ideas for your next personalized pet product:

  • Phone case with pet picture – people love their pets and they love their phones so why not go for the perfect combination personalized gift. Pet owners will be so proud to carry around a phone case that has a picture of their beloved pet on it.      
  • Embroidered collar for your dog – this is an attractive and practical personalized pet gift. Have the name of your dog and your telephone number embroidered on a beautiful looking collar.
  • Scratching tree for your cat – most cat owners absolutely adore their furry friends but one thing that can annoy them is scratching the furniture. Solve this with a special cat tree. The best ones have scratching points and multi levels, which is good for exercise.
  • Pet personalized necklace – you can give your favorite pet owner a necklace, which has a pendant containing an image of their precious pet. Add the name of the dog, cat or other animal as well.   
  • Personalized pet keychain – this is along the same lines as the personalized pet necklace. You can get a keychain that has the name and image of a pet on it.
  • Custom pet pillow – you can have an image of a favorite pet transformed into a pillow in the shape of the pet. If that is too much then you can get a conventional shaped pillow with the pet’s image on it.
  • Personalized food and drink bowls – you can get ceramic pet food and drink bowls that contain the pet name and a paw print on it available in different colors.
  • Sweater with pet picture – all pet lovers will gratefully receive a quality sweater that includes a picture of their pet on it. These are usually for cats and dogs but they can be for other animals as well.
  • Personalized pet bag – this is a customized tote bag that includes the name of your pet plus a paw print. Use the bag to carry all of your pet accessories in such as a dog leash and collar.
  • Dog scarf or bandana – dress up your dog with a fancy scarf or bandana that has their name embroidered on it.

We have just scratched the surface here. The possibilities for personalized pet gifts are almost endless. As the pet market grows larger, you can expect to find more examples of personalized pet products on the market. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to make a pet owner happy with these kinds of personalized gifts.

Demand for personalized pet gifts is growing all of the time. As people continue to love their pets this is sure to continue. Trends in these personalized products will probably change from time to time but they should always be in high demand.


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3 Reasons Why Consumers Buy Pet Products!


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